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28/410 clear polypropylene ribbed skirt round flip top dispensing cap


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Also known as Flip-Top Caps, This Clear Polypropylene 28-410 Ribbed Skirt Round Flip Top Cap features a clear ribbed-wall cap with a 28-410 neck size. Our mold of the plastic Flip-Top caps is comprised of 2 pieces: The outside round skirt and the flip disc. In addition, this Flip Top Dispensing Cap fits any of our 28 Neck Sized Bottles.

To dispense the product, you flip open the top disc exposing the inner nozzle. You can then neatly dispense the product by applying pressure to the bottle. Next, flip the top cap back down to close the cap. In addition, this closure is used mainly for dispensing personal care products such as creams, lotions, conditioners, shampoos, and any soft cream-like texture.

This Disc Top closure is made of polypropylene marked (PP). In addition, our Clear Polypropylene 28-410 Smooth Skirt Round Flip Top Cap has very good resistance to fatigue and has an extremely high melting point. (320 degrees Fahrenheit or 160 degrees Celsius)

In conclusion, you can pair this clear disc top cap with various bottles that match a 28-410 neck finish.

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